Advanced Voting System - Alerts, Limits & Close Voting

Besides standard voting in feedback system that allows users to leave or remove votes for a specific idea, problem or question, OnsiteSupport also provides advanced voting features. 

Limit Number of Votes Per User

You can set the number of votes per user or team for a specified period of time. This way users will only have a limited number of votes that they can leave for the ideas they want to support.

In order to enable this feature, please go to Administration » Applications and enable the "Votes Plus" app.

Once activated, you can go to "Users" page from the main menu and update your team or specific user permissions. In permissions, you will be able to set the number of votes this team or user gets and reset the period, when votes limitations should be reset to the default value.

Alert Agents on Collected Votes

There is also an option for support agents or admins to get a notification in the notification center or email when a specific idea gets the required number of votes to move it to the next stage in your product roadmap.

In order to activate this feature, please go to Administration » Support Channels and open Feedback settings where you will find "Votes Alert". Set it to "yes" and enter the level of votes when agents should be notified. 

You can always update the email template for notifications on Email Templates page.

Note: only agents subscribed to the idea will receive this notification

Close Voting for Specific Statuses

Sometimes it's required to stop accepting votes when your idea, problem or question is moved to another status. For example, you don't want to accept more votes when a problem is resolved, idea is declined or a question is already answered.

This feature is managed in Administration » Statuses » Topics where you can update any status and manage "Voting System" setting. You can close voting for any status of the topics.Once you close voting for a specific status, no more votes will be accepted when feedback moves to it.

Close Voting in the Whole Forum

This option is useful when you have several communities or forums and need to stop accepting any votes in the whole community.

In order to do this, please go to Administration » Support Channels and edit the required community portal for the required settings.

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