7.9 Version

New Features

  • Smart Assignments: now agent can set status if online status is for tickets or chats;
  • Canned Responses: now you can add variables to put custom fields values into the canned response;
  • Mailboxes: added option to connect gmail or GSuite accounts by using predefined app using oauth.


  • Triggers: added condition to check if responsible is online now or not;
  • Polls: added option to set start date for them to appear in community;
  • Custom Fields: tweaked UI for multiselect field on user submission form;
  • User Card: on request page at the right side now you can't edit user email;
  • Knowledge Base: improved navigation when you have multiple forums and different knowledge bases within one system;
  • Reports: tweaked conditions when the value is either set or not set in select type fields.

Bug Fixes

  • Triggers: fixed issue with "change to" condition in "comment is created" event;
  • Chat queues: fixed setting update;
  • Quick actions: launching mentions, canned responses sometimes didn't trigger to put into reply;
  • Logs: settings window crashed on click;
  • Triggers: fixed "requires agent reply" condition. Sometimes it worked incorrectly;
  • Mobile UI: removed action panel on new ticket and new topic pages as it overlapped the form.

+20 more small bug fixes and improvements.

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