7.1 Version

New Features

  • New Types of Knowledge Base: there are new kinds of Articles widgets for the main forum page along with the modern style of the Knowledge Base page.


  • Reports: SLA timer is updated in real-time on the query page and in the report list;
  • Reports: added real-time updates in reports if the request doesn't belong to the report and comes to it;
  • Variables: added variables for custom notifications for the Chat: On Click event in triggers;
  • Home Screen: added Search widget to the main forum page if articles or FAQs are enabled;
  • Interface: improved management of the home screen widgets;
  • Chat View: the avatar is highlighted when no one is set as responsible in a chat;
  • Export: the limitation on the amount of the export results is extended to 10000 objects;
  • Widgets: added minor improvements to the UI/UX of knowledge base, chat, and support center widgets.

Bug Fixes

  • Kanban: fixed issue when the Roadmaps tab was available with the disabled Kanban app;
  • Request: the query was locked if the agent added a private note in it;
  • Chatbot: the scenario didn't work with the custom form;
  • Custom Emails: fixed issue with the incorrect data passed in variables of the custom notifications in triggers and when custom emails were not sent for the Chat: User Activity event;
  • Export: fixed the issue with the reports export in the cloud;
  • CSAT: a user could change the rating by sending it in the messenger as a separate message;
  • Live Chat: fixed issue when messages from a chat widget didn't appear in the agents' interface;
  • Administration: fixed issue when the CSAT settings couldn't be changed;
  • Request: fixed issue when the agent by clicking the screen icon on the query page got to the home screen instead of a query page in the frontend;
  • Search: fixed issue with the main search in the user interface;
  • Knowledge Base: the article page was broken if the user account who edited the article was deleted from the system;
  • Notifications: fixed issue when the sound of sending comments played twice in the agent interface;
  • Analytics: WhatsApp was not listed as a source in the analytics reports;
  • User Interface: there was no screen icon on the article's page for the agent to get back to the agent's interface;
  • Canned Responses: fixed issue when the full list with canned responses' categories was not displayed in a chat page if the Multi-Forums feature was disabled;
  • Home Screen: fixed issue when the counter with topics was displayed in the right Forums widget even if the feedback types were disabled;
  • Knowledge Base: fixed issue when FAQs were displayed in the forum they didn't belong to (with Multi-Forums enabled);
  • Live Chat: fixed issue when the chat author was identified as a guest if the author filled out the user form with an email in the bot scenario and created a ticket via email before that;
  • Chat View: fixed issue with changing the report view to a chat one;
  • Chat View: the export option didn't work;
  • Reports: fixed UI defect in the report grouped by any parameter when an agent closed the request in the list after editing the task.

Security Fixes

  • Low Severity Vulnerability: fixed XSS issue in the mobile UI.
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