7.5 Version

New Features

  • Voting: added the ability for users to add a comment when giving a negative vote for an article;
  • Email Templates: added a separate template for SLA notifications.


  • Mobile UI: added a list of topics to the forum main page with the Kanban board widget on it;
  • Search: added custom fields to narrow down search results of chats in the agent's interface;
  • Live Chat: agents can quickly move to the cited message in a chat conversation by clicking on this message;
  • Live Chat: added the arrow icon for scrolling down a chat conversation quickly;
  • Knowledge Base: redesigned the Statistics area on the article's page in the agent's interface;
  • Translation: added awards' titles for translation into languages of other forums;
  • Kanban: added creation/latest activity date in a kanban card;
  • Home Screen: added a grouping option by custom fields to the Topics Filter widget on the main page.

Bug Fixes

  • Telegram: images in group chats were sent on the chat author's behalf;
  • Kanban: agents couldn't drag items in the report if it was grouped by teams;
  • Export: fixed issue when the "Nobody" line was not included into the export results of the SLA Breaches metric in the analytics report;
  • Topic Filter: fixed issue with categories shown without topics on the main forum page;
  • Web Push: incorrect author was shown for a message in a group telegram chat in the browser notification;
  • Kanban: fixed multiple issues with saving boards with custom columns;
  • Translation: the Idea word was not translated in the Active Topics chart on the Dashboard;
  • Reports: fixed issue with incorrect data in the Inbox when using status filter.
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