7.1.1 Version


  • Reports: added real-time updates in reports if a new task was added in the ticket or topic;
  • Interface: added a new preloader in the user and agent interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Reports: fixed issue when grouping by CSAT didn't work if there were no requests with the rating;
  • Reports: incorrect count of items was displayed in the report's footer when the report was grouped by Responsible and had items with assigned tasks;
  • Custom Fields: when an agent changed the value in the conditional field, the previous value was not cleared from the database;
  • Home Screen: fixed issue in the administration area when reordering the tiles elements in the home screen settings;
  • Tasks: the alert appeared when you refresh the ticket page after canceling the task's changes;
  • Link Objects: announcements and articles can be added as linked objects to tickets and topics;
  • Chat View: fixed issue when an agent clicked the report in the Statistics section and see the white screen in the right;
  • Statuses: fixed issue when an agent changed a topic's status if the Help Desk solution was deactivated.
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