7.7 Version

New Features

  • Agent UI: on requests page now you can select author fields to be displayed all the time;
  • Business Hours: added feature to switch online/offline status for other agents if you have "manage business hours" permissions;
  • Compose Email: added option to use macros on compose email form;
  • Compose Email: now you can use scheduled send option to send emails;
  • Compose Email: now you can send mass messages to support agents when you are located on teams page;
  • Applications: added new app to get reviews from Huawei App Gallery;
  • Live chat: now you can use additional setting in live chat to allow users use only 1 active chat instead of multiple.


  • Chat Widget: on mobile ui improved animation;
  • Knowledge Base: improved storing images in order to preserve them if it used in more than 1 article;
  • Moderation: added new methods in API and now declined topics are shown on profile page;
  • Reporting: fixed issue with "is not" condition;
  • User Segmentation: added table columns;
  • Emails: now emails to agents are sent as one with CC's inside. Improved also displaying this as 1 record in maillog;
  • Link/Merge Objects: improved linking/merging objects along with moving task to ticket with auto-linking it with current tickets.

Bug Fixes

  • Knowledge Base fixed issue with filtering and exporting articles;
  • Notifications: fixed issue with reminder notification to telegram;
  • Triggers: improved "object is updated" event to not react on change of responsible if it's changed manually;
  • Emoji: emoji block overlayed other markup elements;
  • Multi-step form: if you had no public fields, ticket form was not shown;
  • Chat Widget: on ios devices there was issue with received messages when browser got minimized;

+30 small bug fixes and improvements.

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