7.6.4 Version

New Features:

  • SLA: added option to create sla rule based on the support channel of the request;
  • Embeddable Scripts: now you can add js scripts based on the forum or community;
  • Translations: added 2 new languages - Czech and Turkish.


  • Multi-select field: improved reports and triggers section with this type of custom field;
  • Triggers: made auto-reply trigger to be visible to administrators;
  • Knowledge Base: added filter to display articles by visibility;
  • Smart Assignments: improved option to select multiple support agents for assignment;
  • Business Hours: improved statistics to display real time data.

Bug Fixes:

  • Canned Responses: fixed the issue with sending inline image inside canned response;
  • LDAP: fixed redirect issue when using LDAP as sso option;
  • Custom Fields: when new chat was submitted, custom field values were not set real time;
  • Firefox: fixed caching issue in agent interface when pages didn't display ui language correctly;
  • Apple reviews: there was issue with reconnecting apple reviews as a support channel.
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