7.1.2 Version


  • Mobile UI: added a new preloader.

Bug Fixes

  • Live Chat: the update notification appeared every time an agent replied in a chat conversation;
  • Mobile UI: when an agent locked a request from further replies, the message about was not displayed after page refresh;
  • Mobile UI: removed the option to add a task in articles and announcements;
  • Mobile UI: fixed issue when the moderation option for comments was displayed for users;
  • Mobile UI: an agent can move a ticket into a topic (and vice versa) without filling out required conditional fields;
  • Mobile UI: if an agent changed a request's status while adding a task, a new status was not applied;
  • Mobile UI: fixed issue when the message that an agent joined a chat displayed twice in the user widget;
  • Lock Replies: an agent can see the notification who locked replies for a ticket/topic after leaving its page.
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