7.8.1 Version

New Features

  • Reminders: now they are as separate app and option in reply field;
  • Pinned topics: now you can pin and unpin topics in the list;
  • Now you can select if custom fields can be required for agents or users.


  • Triggers: now you can select any user to send notification on any request;
  • User Card: improved detecting OS, Browser and user location in chats;
  • User Info: on request page you can select user location, browser, OS;
  • Files: improved attachments in canned responses so files are not duplicated;
  • Knowledge Base: developed option to add table of contents that is automatically generated both in the article and as a widget on the page.

Bug Fixes

  • SSO: fixed issue with some configurations of SAML;
  • Multi-Select Fields: fixed issue with required fields to be filled in;
  • Agent UI: there was issue with navigation using knowledge base;
  • Mobile UI: fixed issue with duplicates of submitted feedback using mobile ui;
  • Business Hours: fixed issue with automatic change of online/offline status for support agents.

+10 more small bug fixes and improvements.

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