7.9.4 Version


  • Endless chat. Now the previous chats will be loaded as previous messages for the same customer and agents don't need to jump across chats. It still standalone chats, it doesn't affect SLAs, Analytics.
  • Deleting client's chat messages with ability to restore


  • CSAT with Comments. Now you can add a condition building a report to look for objects, where CSAT is left with comments
  • Bulk un-spam

Bug Fixes

  • Selecting all on the table previously blocked other checkboxes and you couldn't uncheck it. Now it's fixed
  • Grouping drop-down in the report couldn't be previously navigated from the Spam. Now it's fixed
  • Unexpected footer came, if you click TAB in the chat
  • Fixed the issue with advanced search by Team
  • Resolved the issue with duplicated scroll shown inside the ticket
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