7.3 Version


  • User Teams: when an agent creates a new user from a particular team's page, this team will be selected in the user team field by default;
  • Knowledge Base: combined Articles and FAQs home screen widgets;
  • OAuth: added the Logout URL option;
  • Mobile UI: added the ability to send canned responses with attachments;
  • Statistics: added Load More link in the page footer of the topic's and article's statistics page;
  • Live Chat: added the ability to export a separate chat conversation in .txt and .pdf format in the agent interface;
  • Reports: added the Mark All as Read button for unread requests in your Inbox;
  • Play Store: added a notification when an agent saves a comment with more than 350 characters;
  • Feedback: added the option in the administration area to disable votes for users' feedback;
  • Agent Interface: added the updated scroll for full request pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile UI: fixed the UI defect when an agent deleted or banned a user;
  • Dashboard: fixed issue with the incorrect results displayed when an agent grouped Inbox by CSAT or Author: Team;
  • Kanban: added a message instead of 401 error in the user UI if there were no public boards available;
  • Replies: fixed issue with topic replies when agents couldn't use WYSIWYG;
  • Reports: incorrect results were displayed in the report with the Object: Completed By - Selected Team condition;
  • Live Chat: when a user scrolled down the page where the chat widget was located and opened the chat window, the page was scrolled up;
  • Reports: fixed issue with real-time updates in reports when the updated request was not highlighted in the list;
  • Mobile UI: fixed minor UI defects with the color scheme when an agent deleted or banned a user;
  • Analytics: fixed issue when incomplete data was displayed in the table for the SLA Breaches metric;
  • Mobile UI: variables didn't work in canned responses;
  • Mobile UI: the first canned response in the list couldn't be selected;
  • Mobile UI: fixed issues when ah agent sent attachments in a chat conversation;
  • Live Chat: fixed issue with the broken chat URL when an agent opened a new chat page from the second forum;
  • Similar Topics: the links to the articles in the Similar Topics widget on the topic page were generated incorrectly;
  • Notifications: agents without access to a forum received notifications of internal notes inside the topics that belonged to this forum;
  • Mobile UI: articles were not displayed on the main forum page;
  • Email Digest: fixed error when the deleted user was still subscribed to the email digest notifications;
  • Search: merged topics were not included in search results in the user interface;
  • Lock Replies: the request was locked from other agents' replies if an agent edited a task inside the request;
  • Live Chat: two conversations were created if a user pressed Enter after filling out the form in the bot scenario;
  • Mobile UI: when anonymous voting was disabled, a guest was not directed to the login page by clicking the vote button;
  • Assignments: open requests were not reassigned to a selected agent if an agent set offline status.
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