7.9.5 Version


  • Email's Message (Comment's) failure became more obvious:
    • Now you receive the system's error notification in the notification centre.
    • In the ticket's view you receive the message from the System, which adds internal note telling, that the issue has happened with last message no matter it's agent's reply or trigger's one.
  • Duplicate trigger. Now you can click the icon "duplicate" next to triggers name on the triggers list. It will create another one with the same conditions, actions, etc.
  • "Connection lost" pop-up. Now, if you lose your network connection or the signal is low, the system will show the pop-up message, that inform you, that real-time notifications might fail. So you need manually update the page. It's especially crucial for agent's who rely on constant chat messaging with delayed queue.


  • CSAT. Previously when CSAT was sent to the customer, it showed 0 stars, even though the customer didn't score. Now, it shows the different icon and indicates, that the CSAT is sent, but customer hasn't scored yet.
  • Previously before adding the incoming mailbox needed to mark all messages unread. Otherwise all unread messages would be created as new tickets. Now, the system will check the last object creation date (e.g. ticket created 13 days ago.) and will import all unread messages for the last 7 days from the date of object creation (e.g. 13 days + 7 days = 20 days) in the system like new tickets.
  • Number associated objects for the user. Now you can show number of associated objects right on ticket's view instead of going to User's profile.
  • Emoji's in custom fields. Now you can create options of select type field with Emoji's. E.g. "Money refund 💸".
  • Advanced search now includes tags.
  • Viber files now go directly to attachments.

Bug Fixes

  • Chat reminder navigates to the chat's message again.
  • Web push notification from chats are back.
  • Email formatting issues. Previously it didn't add "\n" new line symbols to the custom template option in Triggers. Now it does
  • Report's conditions. The condition Object:State now has 3rd column option: Archived/Normal.
  • Community portal's Interface. When you create a tab and click multiple times submit, it created multiple tabs. The same with deletion object. Now, it's fixed.
  • Topics. If anonymous users restricted to apply topics, so guests could create topics and it asks them to sign in.
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