7.8.3 Version


  • Export requests: if report is grouped by some metric, export feature will divide requests by grouped tabs in excel;
  • Chat availability: tweaked option to show live chat widget based on online agents on specified teams;
  • Reports: now you can group requests in the report and divide groups of the same support channel;
  • UI: added auto-scroll feature on long lists of knowledge base and announcements.

Bug Fixes

  • Cache: cleaning cache didn't removed mobile ui assets;
  • Notifications: sound notifications didn't work correctly for agents in Firefox;
  • CSAT: notification about rating wasn't sent from the valid mailbox;
  • CSAT: notification to customer on rating wasn't sent if it was in custom template;
  • Best answer in UI: there was issue when marking reply as best answer with hiding extra options;
  • Chat queue: message on estimated time in the queue was not translated.

+15 more small bug fixes and improvements.

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