7.4.0 Version

New Features

  • Instagram: now you can receive messages from Instagram Direct right into your inbox and reply to customers from UseResponse;
  • Macros: added the ability to send canned responses via macros;
  • Import: added the ability to import topics in .csv format.


  • Telegram: enabled triggers for the Incoming Message event in group chats;
  • User Interface: added breadcrumbs in the ticket page;
  • Reports: added "Topic: Number of Votes" condition.

Bug Fixes

  • Live Chat: an agent couldn't collapse the message area with a long piece of text with the first attempt;
  • –°anned Responses: an agent couldn't create a new canned response in the reply area of a chat page;
  • Feedback: all archived topics were displayed in the topics list even if they didn't belong to the forum;
  • WYSIWYG: fixed issues when an agent couldn't select the article from the list via keyboard from the first attempt;
  • WYSIWYG: fixed performance issue in Chrome while typing text in the agent interface;
  • Live Chat: fixed issue when duplicate chats were created from a single person;
  • Reports: fixed issue with real-time updates in reports with "Object: Created On - Before Current Date" condition;
  • Chatbot: fixed issue when an administrator couldn't change the card details of a scenario in the administration area;
  • Search: fixed issue when new or updated requests were included in the search results in the agent interface; 
  • Kanban: fixed multiple issues with kanban reports.
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