7.0 Version

This major release should bring a new UI of community, feedback, and help center for our customers. We haven't updated it since 2016 and now you should get modern UI that is managed in the Interface configurator. Note: not compatible with the previous theme, so you either use the previous classic UI or a new modern interface.

New Features

  • New Default Theme: there is an option to choose a theme for the user interface;
  • External Widgets: a single place for widgets management and an option to add a custom URL to the widget;
  • Live Chat Queue: users will see their number in the line and the average time to wait for an agent's reply in a chat conversation.


  • Triggers: added Changed to parameter for Satisfaction Survey condition in the Object Updated event;
  • Mobile UI: added moderation options for agents;
  • Kanban: added export options to board reports in the agent interface;
  • Tasks: added a completion action for tasks into the activity log;
  • Export: added the ability to select columns you need and added the Team field into reports' export results;
  • Knowledge Base: added analytics chart and table for the articles' rating;
  • Reports: improved real-time updates when the request parameters have been changed;
  • Fields: added the ability to select the exact time in date fields from the keyboard;
  • Temporary Ban: added the option to restrict users' access for several days.

Bug Fixes

  • Azure DevOps: attachments were not moved to Azure work items;
  • New Email: fixed issue when several recipients could be added into To field;
  • Salesforce: fixed issue with creating a case from UseResponse;
  • App Store: fixed the error with connecting Apple account and submitting the text code by pressing Enter;
  • Analytics: fixed issue when performance metrics didn't match to charts data and the issue when a status cannot be selected in filter for chats;
  • Live Chat: the message was corrupted in messengers if an agent copied some text from the .xlsx file;
  • Chat Widget: fixed UI defect with the submit button if there was one field to fill out within a bot scenario;
  • Chat Page: removed additional options from bot messages on the chat page in the agent interface;
  • Web Push: fixed issue with multiple notifications on the same thing;
  • Business Hours: the system didn't change to Online agent's status automatically if there was the next working day;
  • Auto-lock: the query was not locked automatically if an agent started typing a note and switched to the reply section;
  • Votes Alert: the subscribed agent didn't receive notifications on the topic reached a stated number of votes;
  • Announcements: fixed issue with anonymous commenting of announcements;
  • RSS: fixed issue when a user could modify the RSS link and get the updates from the forums they don't have access to;
  • Export: the export results included the column even if a custom user or query field was disabled in the administration area;
  • Subscriptions: chat conversations were not listed in the authors' profiles as their subscriptions;
  • WYSIWYG: fixed issue with editing font of the article's version description;
  • Knowledge Base: notifications on new comments and private notes were not sent to the recipients;
  • Statistics: fixed multiple issues on the article's statistics page;
  • User Fields: a public Team field was not displayed in the user profile of the community portal;
  • Chat Messages: fixed issue when moving a chat message from Telegram into a separate ticket in the agent interface;
  • SLA Rules: fixed issue when notifications about SLA breaches were not sent to specific agents;
  • Dashboard: incorrect data was displayed for Unassigned Tickets and Unassigned Topics;
  • Messengers: gif files were sent as images;
  • Votes Alert: notifications shouldn't have been sent to subscribed agents when articles got the required number of votes;
  • Triggers: users received notifications on chats for Object is Updated event;
  • Jira Integration: the connection to the Jira On-Premise account failed;
  • Emails: fixed issue when the email with long text was cut by UseResponse;
  • Safari: fixed issue with the way how relative dates are displayed;
  • Statistics Widget: announcements were listed in the statistics widget of the forum home screen even if there were no public or active ones.

Security Fixes

  • High Severity Vulnerabilities: fixed XSS issue with getting user account data.
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