7.9.6 Version


  • "Not Spam" button. Now you can use "Not Spam" button to whitelist messages - it will add domain to Spam Filter to Trusted domains.
  • We have added "tags" condition to Analytics, so now you have a more flexible way to build analytics' report.
  • The phrase "Connecting to Operator" is editable in the chatbot. Now you might have a different phrase on each chatbot scenario.
  • "Copy" action next to the email of the user's fields on the ticket view.
  • "Copy" action of the report in "Manage Reports" functionality.
  • We have added an icon next to Inbox to alert you about issued emails, which will navigate you to mailing log with applied filter.


  • Smart assignments based on workload now counts type of objects: chats and tickets - not only altogether. 
    Earlier there was a limit of 3 objects per agent is set, then it counts the objects where the agent is responsible for all objects. But there may be a situation when the agent has the online status selected only for chats, respectively, he works only with chats, and if he has two tickets, he will hit the limit and he will not be assigned more than 1 chat. Now it counts the number of objects depending on the online status (selected types of objects).
  • Condition Object:CSAT is enhanced, now you can pick multiple values in one condition by checkboxes instead of using group of conditions.
  • Now adding the agent to user's group will keep displaying agent's messages on the right like it's agent, instead of users'. When the agent is leaving the company and you need to get rid of their account. We recommend adding agents to user's group instead of deleting, so their data kept as-is.
  • Now Gmail connection is dropped, when you click "reset" at the mailbox editing, turn off outgoing or incoming mailboxes.
  • When you add Gmail/Outlook, now it automatically changes the email name.
  • If your objects experience issues with sending or receiving emails, its object's icon will be changed to error to easily recognise the issued objects
  • If the message has not been sent, the system 2 times will try automatically to resend the message within the next each 10 minutes. So now temporary issues with mail servers won't bother you, for all the rest issues emails agents need to resend it themselves manually.

Bug Fixes

  • Spam Filter in "Spam" report has been fixed. Now you can whitelist domains and make sure messages from such domains come into inbox.
  • Forwarding checker has been fixed. Now you cannot add the mailbox, until you set up forwarding to default mailbox. Once you can be sure emails will come into Inbox
  • Sending reply via email to chat's notifications will send the message into the chat.
  • Merging tickets now correctly merge tasks as well.
  • Custom fields entered during chatbot scenario at the moment of chat's creation is no longer set to initial ones on each message sent from the chat.
  • Tags in mass-edit have been fixed
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