7.2 Version

New Features

  • Custom Theme: self-hosted customers can edit their custom theme right in the administration area.


  • Mobile UI: updated user interface in the mobile version of UseResponse;
  • Autolock: if the auto-lock is enabled and an agent joins a chat conversation, the chat will be locked automatically;
  • Permissions: agents without Manage People permissions will be able to see users' avatars and agents' online status.

Bug Fixes

  • Source: incorrect request source for FB Messenger was displayed in analytics reports and triggers;
  • Mobile UI: search in the Tags field didn't work;
  • Requests: if a new agent account was created in the system, this account was not listed in the Responsible field on the query page in the agent interface;
  • Search: search didn't work properly for requests with umlauts;
  • Internet Explorer: fixed issue when a user couldn't add a comment in a topic and the UI defect with the items that were not visible in the custom select field on a new topic form;
  • Requests: fixed UI defect with editing a comment on a ticket page in the agent interface;
  • Knowledge Base: the category was not displayed in the comment area of a ticket/topic if there were only articles in its subcategories;
  • Telegram: fixed issue when an agent edited a message in a chat conversation but a user didn't see the updated agent's message;
  • Permissions: fixed issue when administrators without access to tickets got notifications on newly created ones and were subscribed to them;
  • Automation: fixed issues when a trigger and a bot with the User Activity and On Click events worked simultaneously;
  • Permissions: the User Card button is removed in the agent interface for agents without Manage People permission;
  • Canned Responses: fixed issue when search results disappeared when an agent deleted the last character in the search query.
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