7.9.7 Version


  • JustCall (call-to-text) integration
    • Customer flow:
      • A customer calls a phone number (JustCall agent’s number);
      • Conversation is being recorded or voicemail is left;
      • The ticket with the transcribed conversation comes as a ticket to the system.
  •  Zendesk, Gorgias, Help Scout migration
    • Which data migrated?
      • Customer’s conversations (tickets, chats, and its associated info: fields and attachments)
      • Customer’s fields and its values
      • Agent’s fields and its values


  • We significantly improved object's deletion speed! Now deleted objects immediately became grayed out. If you stay on the report's page they will disappear with the report's updates as usual or if you click "refresh" the page, they will disappear immediately. 
  • We've added the "Create" word next to the tags selection. Now, it is easy to differentiate tags creation and pick existing ones 
  • The "Full name" system's field can become optional/mandatory now. It will affect chatbot scenarios.
  • Now hover action on items in filters of the report's page, which will show the complete name of the item. If you have a long title, you can no longer worry about it 
  • If there are issued emails in Topic's objects, its icon changed to error icon, as well as ticket's one.
  • Deleting reports in the "Manage Reports" page no longer scrolls to the top, the page's position remains.
  • "Logged time" and "CSAT comment" columns are added to the export of the report.
  • We've optimised database storage by deleting user's website journeys, as soon as chat is closed apart from the last item.
  • The phrase "Renew subscription" is made visible only to admins, not agents.
  • Picking the date in the date picker in the report's conditions no longer automatically hides the date picker.

Bug Fixes

  • Email conflicts icon next to INBOX no longer redirects agents to the Mailing log in Admin's panel. If there are email conflicts, by clicking this icon redirects the admin to email conflicts. If there are no email conflicts, by clicking this icon it redirects the admin to the Mailing log in Admin's panel.
  • "+" icon next to the "Submit" button at the bottom no longer disappears, as soon as you lose focus from the input area of "Reply/Note/Task/Reminder"
  • Favicon changes in the "Interface" functionality now affect the Email templates page in the interface as well.
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