7.8.2 Version

New Features

  • 1. Polls: now you can select start and end date of the poll.


  • 1. Canned Responses: tweaked performance of launching and search among canned responses in agent ui;
  • 2. Live Chat: added option to display widget only for authorized users selected in widget settings.

Bug Fixes

  • 1. Mobile UI: on ticket page you couldn't select assignment;
  • 2. Agent UI: fixed issue with long ticket title on ticket page;
  • 3. Agent UI: fixed issue with automatic phone field on user profile page;
  • 4. Chat Messages: offline chat messages sent to user were not displayed when user returned to chat widget;
  • 5. VK Integration: fixed issue with updated version of API when VK pages were not shown

Security Fixes

  • 1. Minor Severity Vulnerability: fixed minor XSS issue on login page.
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