7.8 Version

New Features

  • Online Teams: now you can see if there is someone online in the team when you select it;
  • HubSpot Integration: rebuilt integration using oAuth connection according to new requirements.


  • Business Hours: improved real time updates of online/offline status for agents;
  • Assignments: now responsible field is locked when request is locked;
  • User Notes: improved adding user notes in more clear way;
  • User info on Ticket/Chat page now can be managed with fields updates;
  • Real time updates: improved quick filters and real time updates on reports;
  • Emails: improved parsing tables in emails when converting to the ticket;
  • Email Templates: now you can check event templates right on trigger action area.

Bug Fixes

  • Lock Request: there were issues when one support agent locked chat or ticket;
  • Chatbot: fixed issues with management of forms and delay between actions;
  • Phone Field: there was issue in required field when creating new user;
  • Online Status: fixed issue when using multi-edit option agent got automatically online;
  • Google Translate: fixed issue using google translate if it has problems with the connection.

+15 small bug fixes.

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