7.4.1 Version


  • User Interface: added the "Report Abuse" option for topics in the modern UI;
  • Interface Settings: added new types of the "Tiles" widget on the forum home screen;
  • Analytics: added an hourly timeline for a stated date.

Bug Fixes

  • Knowledge Base: fixed issue when there was no scroll on the article's page after an agent pasted a long piece of text;
  • Feedback: fixed issue when agent added a vote on a guest's behalf and tried to remove it by clicking the Votes icon;
  • Live Chat: fixed issue with incorrect date of the message age sent a minute ago;
  • User Interface: fixed UI defect with the category title in the Knowledge Base home screen widget;
  • Topics Statistics: fixed issue with incorrect date of a vote left for a topic;
  • Moderation: when an agent approved the topic marked as spam, the topic was displayed at the top of the report's list with the new date of creation;
  • Statistics: incorrect data was displayed for a stated period of time on the article's statistics page;
  • Knowledge Base: an agent without "Manage Knowledge Base" permissions got the error when opening an article from the search results in the agent interface;
  • Dashboard: incorrect data was displayed in the timeline of the activity log for a single date;
  • Email Notifications: fixed issue with broken ticket URL in the Auto-Reply template;
  • Voting: a guest could vote for a topic from its full page with anonymous voting being disabled;
  • OAuth: the Add link didn't work for the Additional Headers setting;
  • Kanban: fixed issue when availability report options were not displayed when an administrator edited a report created by another agent.
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