4.9.1 Version

New Features

  • Statistics: added analytics block on topic and ticket pages in agents interface;
  • Multi-Forums: ability to download logos separately for each forum (Enterprise package).


  • Reports and Queues: added Tag column and ability to sort objects and users by tags;
  • Reports and Queues: ability to change table columns on the go;
  • User Management: on requests page added user options in columns displaying user names and emails;
  • Chat Reports: added "Chat: Forum" condition when there are several forums in the system (Enterprise package);
  • Fields and Properties: added Forum field for chat conversations (Enterprise package);
  • Export: added id of objects and users in export results;
  • Groups management: ability to reorder groups in administration area (Enterprise package).

Bug Fixes

  • Mobile UI: agent couldn't delete user without deleting all user's objects and comments;
  • Mobile UI: icons on chat page were hidden if long text pasted;
  • Fixed issue with filtering by date in Activity Log in agents interface;
  • Jira options were available on object pages and in search in agents interface even if Jira account wasn't connected (Enterprise package);
  • Fixed issue when AutoSave worked while version editing;
  • Fixed issue with sorting in knowledge base when one of grouping parameters was selected;
  • Fixed issues related to agent's access to one community (Enterprise package);
  • Fixed issues with submitting new objects and sorting them in reports when Confluence module was installed (Enterprise package);
  • Fixed issue with incoming emails that broke mailing queue because of long name of attached files;
  • Topic moved to trash was available for users via direct topic link;
  • Images pasted from clipboard were not displayed in email notifications.

Security Fixes

  • Fixed medium XSS vulnerability breaches.

+ 10 more minor bug fixes and improvements.

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