4.5 Version

New Features

  • Live Chat: added VK messenger as a support channel;
  • Live Chat: ability to create multiple chat widget profiles;
  • Live Chat: updated backend in agents interface with ability to add internal notes, canned responses and articles from Knowledge Base;
  • Live Chat: added ability to show chat icon within specific period of time;
  • Multi-forums: added "Language" user property that allows users to select language of required forum in registration form and be directed to it after authorization (for Enterprise package);
  • Live Chat Automation: added ability to launch a trigger once when specific conditions are met;
  • Live Chat Automation: added Chat: Completed event in automation rules.


  • Advanced Search: added "State" and "Date Range" options for searching within tickets and topics;
  • Advanced Search: objects with completed state are displayed strikethrough in search results in agents interface;
  • Agents Interface: added tooltip with email address for the object's and comment's author on the full object page;
  • Live Chat: notifications about chats without agent reply are displayed on chat icon in the left agents panel;
  • Live Chat Widget: average response time will be displayed in the widget header;
  • RSS subscription: added ability for users to subscribe for all topics, topics categories and announcements in the community;
  • Knowledge Base: added icon for private categories on knowledge base page in agents interface;
  • Mobile UI: ability to open images in a new tab;
  • Frontend: added status filter on Tickets tab in user profile;
  • Agents Interface: updated backend on widgets page in administration area.

Bug Fixes

  • On Moderation report was displayed in metrics on Requests page even when moderation option was switched off;
  • Images from Telegram were displayed incorrectly on chat page in the backend;
  • Search results were different in desktop and mobile interface;
  • Wrong time of ticket creation was displayed in the frontend;
  • Fixed UI defect in registration form in mobile interface;
  • Fixed issue with wrong filter results on topics page in the frontend;
  • Trigger for chat events (User Activity, On Click) didn't send chat messages when chat window was closed;
  • Mobile UI: removed options that shouldn't be available for users;
  • Filter didn't work for objects in trash;
  • Fixed issue related to social login when user tried to leave an idea anonymously and was redirected to login form;
  • Fixed issue related to broken page when administrator refreshed the page of specific trigger in administration area;
  • Wrong author of the message was shown in push notifications;
  • Fixed push notifications with extra message that the site has been updated in the background;
  • Current URL wasn't displayed on chat page in agents interface in conversations with anonymous user;
  • Fixed issue when Open Tickets and Active topics charts were empty if there were less than 50 objects in these reports;

+ 20 more small bug fixes and improvements.

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