4.10.1 Version


  • Automation Rules: added "Object: Tag" and "User: Tag" conditions in triggers;
  • Improved management of agent signatures;
  • Backup module: we display an obfuscated password entry field in administration area (Enterprise package).

Bug Fixes

  • Backup module didn't work with PHP 7.0;
  • Fixed issue in Administration - Community Portal that occurred in basic self-hosted packages;
  • Fixed issue when agent couldn't be assigned to a topic because of his limited ticket visibility (Enterprise package);
  • Tags were removed when another agent submitted any changes in the ticket;
  • Fixed minor issues related to Facebook channel for submitting private tickets;
  • Messenger source wasn't displayed on chat page in agent interface;
  • Fixed UI defect with grey background displayed when agent reloaded ticket page, got back to objects list, open the ticket and added a comment;
  • Fixed issue with adding a user to ticket sharing list if a user had agent role earlier;
  • Topics of another forum were also displayed in the topic list of a certain forum (Enterprise package);
  • Line break in WYSIWYG (Shift+Enter) was removed when comment was submitted;
  • Mobile UI: fixed issue with submitting a new topic (reproduced on PHP 5.6.x);
  • Reminder icon didn't appear on user notes.
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