4.10 Version

New Features

  • Live Chat: ability to connect several accounts for one chat messenger;
  • Lock Comments: agent can see who is working on the object at the moment;
  • Mentions: ability to add an agent to a ticket or chat using @mention;
  • Backup: ability to store backups in Dropbox account and remote servers using ftp/sftp;
  • Search Results: ability to select forums in the search on the frontend (Enterprise package);
  • Avatars: initials displayed by default in user profile.


  • Improved Change Log of users and objects;
  • User Reports: added columns (Votes, Requests, Comments, State) in user reports;
  • Assignments: added send back icon to reassign the object to a previous responsible agent;
  • Multilingual Canned Responses: ability to categorize canned responses by languages (Enterprise package);
  • Fields & Properties: added ability to disable tags for users;
  • User Management: ability to view notes left to all company users on the company page;
  • Mobile UI: added Requests in user settings;
  • Automation Rules: added filters on trigger page in administration area;
  • API: ability to get information on announcement's expiration date via API;
  • Live Chat: ability to use canned responses and articles from knowledge base entering # and * respectively.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with deleting of a mailbox in administration area;
  • Fixed issue with comment with an attachment converting into ticket or topic;
  • Mobile UI: agents couldn't be added in CC list while ticket submitting;
  • Mobile UI: custom date fields were cleared after ticket or topic editing;
  • Images from Viber messenger were not saved in chat conversation in agents interface;
  • Password settings worked even if only SSO login was enabled;

+ 5 more minor bug fixes and improvements.

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