4.10.4 Version


  • Mobile UI: ability to add reminders to notes;
  • Mobile UI: ability to set responsible agent in a chat dialog and delete chat conversations;
  • Votes: user will be subscribed if agent adds a vote on user's behalf with enabled setting "Vote to Subscribe";
  • Live Chat: administrators can set background in chat widgets and preview the changes;
  • Live Chat: deactivated messengers won't be displayed on chat widget page in administration area;
  • Knowledge Base: added sorting parameters (New/Updated) on knowledge base page in agent interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed UI defect occurred by calling canned responses with # symbol if there was only one category for them;
  • User profile was opened in a new browser tab if agent clicked on a user at the top of a ticket page;
  • Attached files were opened in a new browser tab;
  • Submit button was disabled after saving new category with empty title;
  • Comments stayed on moderation even if the topic was converted to a ticket;

+ 5 more minor bug fixes and improvements.

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