4.0.9 Version


  • Improved Moderation of Community;
  • Improved search results with 3 symbols and in mobile UI;
  • Added customer satisfaction rating for knowledge base in agents interface;
  • Now user profiles shouldn't be searchable in google;
  • Added getting started tutorial for support agents;
  • Now grouping in reports works more intuitive;
  • When user is banned, all sessions are cleared;
  • Integrated better image upload in articles;
  • Multi-Forums: improved adding new objects.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed file attachments on comments update;
  • Fixed issue going back to object from custom reports;
  • Fixed image replacement inside article;
  • Navigation didn't work correctly in reports;
  • Security: fixed xss issue in comments and redirect on login form;
  • Multi-Forums: fixed showing categories.

25+ more bug fixes and small improvements.

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