4.11.2 Version


  • Tasks: added email notifications on tasks and ability to create/complete tasks in mobile UI;
  • Emails: ability to resolve failed incoming emails in Mailing Log;
  • Statistics: added trend charts and clickable informative dates.

Bug Fixes

  • Exact search didn't work in chat conversations;
  • Fixed issue with multiple reminder notifications when Jira module was activated;
  • Fixed issue with custom email notifications sent when chat events were triggered;
  • Agents with disabled notifications received emails on unanswered chat conversations;
  • Search Results setting didn't work correctly (Enterprise package);
  • Trigger "Status is Updated" didn't work when status was updated using mass edit options;
  • Firefox: fixed issue with incorrect date format in search chat results;
  • Fixed UI defect in administration section in header area;
  • Fixed UI defect on chat page with duplicate chat conversations while switching between chat reports;
  • Agents couldn't use WYSIWYG while creating or editing canned responses.
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