4.3 Version

New Features

  • Web Push Notifications;
  • Live Chat: added FB messenger and Skype as support channels;
  • Live Chat: notifications are displayed in Notification Center;
  • Canned Responses: ability to categorize and quick select.


  • Mobile UI: improved Live Chat;
  • Ability to drag and drop files in Live Chat widget and Agents interface;
  • Requests in Mobile UI and fields in user profile match desktop version;
  • Improved Automation page in Administration;
  • Made links clickable in custom text fields in Agents interface;
  • Added Forum and SLA Rule fields in Fields & Properties of administration area (for Enterprise customers);
  • Images could be opened in full size from Knowledge Base widget and FAQs popup on frontend;
  • Improved time and date settings in Administration;
  • Added new manage options of spam objects;
  • Now there are available two email templates for account creating (with password set by user or generated automatically).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed UI issue when user inserts a link in a message via chat widget;
  • Fixed incorrect word wrapping in live chat;
  • Fixed wrong table formatting in articles;
  • There was incorrect object title displayed in browser tab if agent opened new notification directly from the ticket page;
  • Admin couldn't change visibility for custom user fields;
  • SLA icon was displayed on the topic page in case it was converted from ticket (for Enterprise customers);
  • Agent with access to one community could see and edit announcements of another community (for Enterprise customers);
  • Metric wasn't clickable on Knowledge Base page;
  • Fixed issue with disappeared queue buttons while working with tickets in the report;
  • Description wasn't saved if user changed object type from topic to ticket while reporting a bug;
  • Attachments were displayed incorrectly in chat widget for users;
  • Fixed issue when faqs of all forums were displayed in faq popup in frontend (for Enterprise customers);
  • Some chat phrases couldn't be translated to another language;
  • Fixed error occurred when agent clicked value of custom ticket field in the frontend;
  • Fixed issue when message from Skype (inserted as a quote) was displayed incorrectly on chat page in the backend;

+15 more small bug fixes and improvements.

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