4.3.2 Version


  • Canned Responses: in agents interface improved management of canned responses with forum filter (for Enterprise customers), group option and ability to edit/delete several answers using bulk actions;
  • Canned Responses: ability to search within available canned responses right in the comment area;
  • Requests: added count badge for On Moderation report.

Bug Fixes

  • Translations of some phrases in chat widget were not displayed correctly;
  • Reminders in notification area were displayed with BBCode;
  • When agent edited comment on the full object page and changed some of the object fields in the left side bar, Edit and Submit buttons became available at the same time;
  • Fixed issue when agent clicked browser back button on the full object page opened from user's profile in agents interface and stayed on the object page;
  • Knowledge base categories were not translated in Articles widget of the home screen;
  • At the frontend browser back button didn't return users performing search from results to the search page;
  • Fixed issue related to line breaks that couldn't be displayed in chat widget;
  • Fixed error appeared when agent filled in custom field with large piece of text while submitting ticket;
  • Image in canned response was shown only after comment submitting;
  • Topic on moderation converted into ticket couldn't be declined/approved;
  • Fixed issue when agent's messages were not displayed in chat widget for a user after a few minutes staying on the site.

Security Fixes

  • Critical: fixed issue when user could gain access to another account with complex manipulations using js code.
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