4.7 Version

New Features

  • Customer Satisfaction Rating: ability to send satisfaction surveys and measure customer's experience;
  • Versioning in Knowledge Base: agents can control several versions of faqs and articles;
  • AutoSave in Knowledge Base: system automatically saves all the changes while you are editing articles in Knowledge Base.


  • Business Hours: ability to reassign objects to available agents once new comment is created;
  • Multi-Forums: communities in different languages are marked with flag icons;
  • Object's fields: ability to add specific time of the day in Due On field;
  • Administration: updated page of forum's settings;
  • Users: added "Copy Email" icon on full object page and user's profile;
  • Automation Rules: added "Comment: Body", "User: Email" conditions, conditions with custom user's fields and action "Ignore" for "Comment is Created" event;
  • Captcha: it will be displayed once within one browser session;
  • Requests: improved management of Trash report.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue related to support center widget where Submit button wasn't displayed;
  • Chat availability settings couldn't be saved;
  • User's reports with custom user's fields in conditions showed wrong results;
  • Agent with access to specific community could view activity in other communities on Dashboard (Enterprise package);
  • Agent without "Manage People" permission could create new users from Manage menu in agents interface;
  • Filters in user's reports didn't work correctly;
  • Fixed issue with company's metrics displayed all objects in the community;
  • Mobile UI: agents couldn't leave a message in chat (Safari);
  • Fixed issue related to admin signature displayed incorrectly while leaving a comment in agents interface;
  • Fixed UI bug on articles page if there are several communities in the system (Enterprise package);
  • Comments in announcements were not displayed in Moderation report.

+ 20 more small bug fixes and improvements.

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