4.4 Version

New Features

  • Business Hours Management (Enterprise package);
  • Live Chat: added automation rules with on click, user actions for proactive support;
  • Ticketing: added option to forward tickets to users;
  • CRM: agents can create internal notes for users;
  • Moderation: ability to manage On Moderation report as well as other reports on Requests page.


  • Email Templates: now footer in email templates related to moderation and new comment isn't visible for users;
  • Email Templates: agents will not be notified with "Topic is Approved" or "Topic is Declined" email templates;
  • Automation: ability to override default system behavior and unsubscribe authors that create new topics or comments;
  • Live Chat: added ability to display only chat icon (messenger icon) if chat widget (or one of the messengers) is used in the system.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when agent completed chat conversation and couldn't see further user's messages;
  • Fixed issue in agents interface when agent got to sharing list instead of subscribers list;
  • When comment was moved to topic or ticket in agents interface, id of newly created object in browser was different from the id displayed on the full object page;
  • Code as a plain text in knowledge base articles disappeared after submitting the article;
  • Agents couldn't save changes in objects list with mass edit option in user's profile;
  • In some cases a registered user could vote for the topic more than once;
  • Mobile UI: when user submitted a topic anonymously and entered his name and email, "Anonymous" author was displayed on topic page;
  • Fixed UI defect in Safari when agent edited object in agents interface and clicked fullscreen icon;
  • SQL error appeared when user submitted ticket anonymously in support center widget;
  • Topics search didn't work correctly while merging objects;
  • Users couldn't be deleted and edited with bulk actions;
  • Text formatting displayed incorrectly in Knowledge Base articles in IE browser;
  • Fixed issues related to SLA management (Enterprise package);
  • When object was assigned to an agent due to the trigger with Status is Updated event, new status in the object was displayed twice in Activity Log;
  • Fixed issue with decline reason that wasn't displayed for users in email notifications;
  • Wrong number of topics was displayed by clicking Load More link in Topics Filter widget on home screen;
  • Fixed issue with WYSIWYG disabled in administration area;
  • User could change object status while editing it;
  • Fixed issue when agents edit spoiler with a large text;

+20 more small bug fixes.

Security Fixes

  • Critical: fixed possible XSS related to attachments.
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