4.7.5 Version

New Features

  • Integration with Confluence: ability to search for wiki articles from agents interface and community portal (Enterprise package).


  • Moderation: added 2 extra options (Approve: Mark as Trusted, Decline: Ban User) for agents who moderate topics;
  • Live Chat: ability to add internal notes in chat conversations from mobile interface;
  • Live Chat: the article from knowledge base became clickable in chat widget;
  • Email field: ability to use plus sign in emails;
  • RSS Subscription: RSS feed will include new and updated topics based on selected filter in the topics list.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when agent received email chat notifications with disabled email as a notification channel;
  • Agent who wasn't a chat operator received sound chat notifications;
  • Fixed issue with chat notifications sounded in all opened browser tabs;
  • Mobile UI: agents couldn't submit private tickets;
  • Fixed issue with Load More button in Moderation report;
  • Mobile UI: agents couldn't search for users;
  • Fixed issue with search for topics when agent added new poll;

+ 10 more small bug fixes and improvements.

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