4.0.10 Version


  • Removed Filtering by Categories in Reports in the top;
  • Improved Reminder for Internal Notes;
  • Added extra conditions in Automation Triggers;
  • Dashboard: now active topics widget group statuses by types;
  • Now system would prompt you on unsaved changed on the page;
  • Improved "Load More" when grouping objects in reports;
  • Tweaked back browser button to preserve page content in agents interface;
  • Adding new object now done in more smooth way;
  • Multi-Forums: improved adding new objects;
  • Added option to attach files in Internal Notes;
  • Knowledge Base Widget: new option to show only category or just article on specific page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multi-forum home screen customization;
  • Fixed default SLA Reports;
  • Comment couldn't be updated on push notification;
  • Agent couldn't add canned response;
  • While updating topic or ticket, attachment couldn't be managed;
  • Fixed verification of Facebook and Twitter accounts;
  • Custom fields in Knowledge Base couldn't be updated;

10+ more bug fixes and small improvements.

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