4.8.2 Version

New Features

  • Android and iOS SDK (Beta);
  • Knowledge Base: commenting of articles with subscriptions;
  • Knowledge Base: ability to change the author for an article;
  • Knowledge Base: ability to search by the author of articles in agents interface.


  • Moderation: added "Commented On" column in Moderation report to sort comments by the date of their submission;
  • Security: ability to limit the number of failed attempts to login;
  • Live Chat: support of emoji in chat widget;
  • Fields & Properties: ability to make "Company" field public and add it to registration form;
  • Automation: added "User: Email" condition, "Change Company" and "Ignore" actions in triggers for events related to users.

Bug Fixes

  • FB messenger couldn't be connected as a channel for live chat solution;
  • Fixed issue related to wrong status (placed first in order in administration area) applied to new topics by default;
  • Tickets submitted via community portal were set to Opened status by default;
  • Fixed issue when user went to the ticket page with the link from email notification and completed the ticket while leaving a comment;
  • Right queue button disappeared when agent hit the page limit 50 while working on requests;
  • Fixed issue with login URL generated when agent logged in private forum on another device;
  • User could leave a "confused" vote for an article multiple times;
  • Time and date format on chat page in agents interface didn't match the format configured in administration settings.

+ 8 more minor bug fixes.

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