4.11 Version

New Features

  • Ticket Management: ability to add subtasks inside tickets;
  • Queues Management: real-time updates in reports;
  • Advanced Search: agents can search for chat conversations in agent interface;
  • Live Chat: survey can be completed in popular messengers (Enterprise package);
  • Email Notifications: ability to resend emails if their delivery was failed;
  • Email Notifications: agents can see if sent emails were read by customers.


  • Advanced Search: improved advanced search in agent interface;
  • Search in API: added ability to search for objects and users by custom fields;
  • Live Chat: added survey metrics, pie charts grouped by source and responsible agents on chat page in agent interface;
  • Live Chat: auto responses will be sent on agent's behalf;
  • Knowledge Base: ability to sort articles and faqs by votes and views by clicking on table column;
  • Automation Rules: ability to add multiple values in one "Message" condition for "Chat: Incoming Message" event;
  • Reports Management: agents can sort users and requests in the queue by custom fields in the table columns;
  • External Widgets: added ability to pass custom user fields when users submit ticket or topic via widget;
  • Security Management: reCAPTCHA is set to forum language;
  • Attachments: ability to switch between attachments with keyboard arrows;
  • Bulk Actions: added Shift keyboard shortcut to select several objects in the list.

Bug Fixes

  • Anonymous user could be banned or marked as trusted while moderating his topic or comment;
  • Fixed error when agent without "Manage People" permission clicked on Notes tab in user's company;
  • Submit form was corrupted when administrator created a new user, ticket, topic in administration area;
  • Tags field wasn't saved while adding a user in agent interface;
  • Fixed issue when agent changed a category of article or canned response and the count next to the category was changed only with page refreshing;
  • Mobile UI: a topic couldn't be converted to a ticket if a group was set a required field (Enterprise package);
  • Values were case sensitive in trigger conditions for message details and object subject;
  • Fixed multiple issues when trigger with a condition value "Any" worked;
  • "Change Status" action didn't work for "Object Created" event in triggers;
  • Fixed issue that didn't allow to drag and drop files while comment editing;
  • Fixed issue with selecting date range in agent interface;
  • Notifications were not marked as read if agent was forwarded to object page via web push notification;
  • Polls were not displayed for forum guests if a guest voted for a poll earlier;
  • Fixed issues with line breaks in replies with canned responses;

+ 30 more minor bug fixes and improvements.

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