4.10.3 Version

New Features

  • Votes: ability to add votes on user's behalf.


  • Mobile UI: ability to add mentions and canned responses in chat conversations, tickets and topics;
  • Users Management: even if reports panel is pinned, user reports will be displayed on Users page in case Users option is not available in the left menu;
  • Macros: Apply Macro option will be available at the bottom of report page in case at least one object is selected using mass-edit;
  • Satisfaction Survey: improved rating view on the full object page in agent interface (Enterprise package);
  • Votes: improved votes view when negative voting is enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Twitter account couldn't be connected in Administration - Social Networks;
  • Fixed issue on report page when the list of table columns at the top was closed every time agent checked new column or remove existing ones;
  • Mobile UI: locked button was displayed in comment area and prevent an agent from submitting a reply in cases when Live Chat solution was not available for a customer;
  • Mobile UI: selected option in the field wasn't display on registration page and user profile;
  • Fixed issue when agent opened Trash on Requests page;
  • Fixed UI defect in mentions if all agents belonged to a group (Enterprise package);
  • Fixed issue when inline images were not displayed in the body of new tickets/topics;
  • When agent added an internal note and assing another agent to be responsible, responsible agent didn't receive notification on the note;
  • Ticket couldn't be converted to topic if group or custom checkbox field were required fields;
  • Fixed UI defects occurred when agent customized dashboard.

Security Fixes

  • Critical: fixed OAuth security breaches;
  • Critical: fixed multiple issues related to possible account takeover;
  • Medium: added extra layer of security in multiple places (CSRF protection).

+ 10 more minor bug fixes and improvements.

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