4.1 Version

New Features

  • Announcement - connection of multi-language announcements;
  • Added agents left bar management;
  • Ability to change author of the topic and ticket.


  • Advanced Search with ability to search within comments and custom fields;
  • Improved multi-forums management and customization;
  • Now requests are managed better with more flexibility in multi-edit and extending of views;
  • Added extra filters on requests page;
  • Improved management of articles in knowledge base;
  • General improvement of stability on PHP 7.1.x and overall improvement system flexibility;
  • Multilanguage: now users would get notification on the language of the community where they have submitted the request.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed renaming of categories in custom fields in multilanguage forums;
  • Fixed merging tickets when you are located in list view;
  • Notification center now show correct number of unread messages;
  • False question on leaving the page are fixed;
  • +30 more improvements and small bug fixes.

Security Fixes

  • Medium: fixed possible XSS on custom user fields.
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