4.6 Version

New Features

  • Multi-Forums: ability to lock community from accepting new feedback and votes (Enterprise package);
  • Multi-Forums: ability to connect forums with different languages (Enterprise package);
  • Live Chat: the whole chat can be converted to the ticket in agents interface;
  • Live Chat: now user reply to chat email notification will add new message right to the chat in widget for user and in agents interface;
  • Requests: agents can create reports with several blocks of conditions.


  • Search (frontend): added New Topic and Submit Ticket buttons displayed when user entered some keywords in the search bar;
  • Automation Rules: now the body of custom email template in triggers is displayed in html format;
  • Live Chat: title of chat page in agents interface shows the customer name;
  • Mobile UI: ability to add internal notes for users;
  • RSS subscription: ability to add private feeds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in email templates where object type wasn't identified in the footer;
  • Comments moved to tickets/topics didn't move attachments;
  • Fixed issues when custom fields in the objects and workdays of scheduler in business hours management couldn't be localized;
  • Fixed issue when closed chat reopened by new internal note in it;
  • Internal note in chat had impact on agent average response time if note was the first agent message in the conversation;
  • Fixed issue related to Notification center when new chat notification didn't open chat page;
  • Agent couldn't change tags for several tickets with bulk actions;
  • Webhook didn't deliver additional object information (author, status, responsible, category etc.);
  • Fixed UI defect in chat widget when user entered his email there;
  • Filtering didn't work in the report opened from Dashboard;
  • Conditions "Object: Commented On" (objects reports) and "Note: Created On" (users reports) didn't work correctly;
  • Fixed issue related to the condition "Comments" in reports when value in the field "Days without Activity" couldn't be saved;
  • Objects in trash changed their status when trigger event "Scheduled" was launched;
  • Internet Explorer: fixed UI defect in chat widget when user writes a message;
  • RSS feed included archived, trashed objects and objects on moderation;

+ 15 more small bug fixes and improvements.

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