4.10.2 Version


  • OneLogin: added ability to pass custom user fields when users login via SSO;
  • User Management: added Source column in user reports and relative condition in triggers;
  • Internal Notes: improved management of notes notifications;
  • Knowledge Base in WYSIWYG: ability to call articles in comments using * symbol and added flag icons for multilingual knowledge base;
  • Canned Responses: ability to add predefined responses in new emails by entering # symbol;
  • Mentions: only agents mentioned in a note will receive notifications on it;
  • Date Format: displayed more accurate relative dates.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with submitting new tickets and topics in basic self-hosted package on PHP 5.6;
  • Fixed issue on canned responses management page in basic self-hosted package;
  • Cursor appeared in the comment area while editing reply signature and removing its text;
  • Fixed issue on Dashboard if there were no objects in pie charts;
  • User messages were displayed incorrectly on chat page in agent interface if user edited or replied to them in Skype;
  • Fixed issue with incorrect line wrapping in messages on chat page in agent interface;
  • When custom user field was updated via API request, other custom user fields were cleared up in user profile;
  • Users didn't receive new comments on announcements via RSS subscription;
  • If agent closes the ticket with unsaved comment and gets back to ticket page, comment remains on the page;
  • Fixed UI defect occurred while performing bulk actions with more than 50 articles;
  • Chat conversation remained locked even if agent sent a message in it;
  • Fixed issue when comment was moved to ticket or topic with a status different from a default one.

+ 10 more minor bug fixes and improvements.

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