4.2 Version

This new release is mostly for integration of our new Live Chat solution launched as beta for all trial accounts and current accounts with active subscription on Live Chat. Along with that, we have made system more stable and brought many improvements that should make yoru life easier in providing support to customers.

Attention: Self-Hosted Customers that use old live chat solution after upgrade will loose that feature until platform is purchased separately.

New Features

  • New Live Chat Platform (BETA);
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) for Feedback System;


  • Email templates: now footer in Ticket Auto Reply isn't visible for users;
  • Import users: existing users could be uploaded into the system with updated data;
  • Widgets: ability to attach files to tickets/topics and add multiple widgets with custom links on one page of the site;
  • Multilingual Knowledge Base: category of default article would be displayed in new article with translated content;
  • Notifications: not activated user wouldn't get "Reminder" email notification in case he was added to sharing list by agent or admin;
  • Knowledge Base: ability to export faqs and articles;
  • Internal Notes: ability to edit notes with WYSIWYG and save notes as drafts of replies for later post;
  • Requests: now you can export author company as a column through Excel or CSV;
  • Added tooltip with email in Manage Subscriptions pop-up;
  • WYSIWYG: ability to add empty lines and copy text with formatting in comments;
  • Improved SLA Rules. Also added SLA status to the ticket page (Enterprise package);
  • Added support of any custom field as a target for SLA Rules instead of just priority.
  • Improved Mobile UI;
  • Automation Rules: added Age as a Condition in Triggers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with switching between forums in Administration - Interface (Enterprise package);
  • Users couldn't add to sharing list active users from the community;
  • User with access to one of the communities couldn't log in (Enterprise package);
  • Fixed issues when agents with the only permission to Manage Knowledge Base use the system (Enterprise package);
  • Formatting in FAQs and articles wasn't displayed correctly in Knowledge Base widget;
  • WYSIWYG tool in Knowledge Base wasn't displayed when scrolling down;
  • Wrong time of creation was displayed in announcement after making it public;
  • Link to draft article was visible for users on frontend;
  • Fixed UI defect while sorting and grouping on Mailing Log tab in Administration area;
  • Admin couldn't change settings of Twitter account.

+20 more small bug fixes and improvements.

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