4.8.3 Version

New Features

  • User Account Management: ability for users to initiate their account cancellation.


  • Fields & Properties: ability to select values in a dropdown using arrow keys on the keyboard.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with pasting of inline images from clipboard;
  • "Forward" button wasn't displayed on the ticket page if open it from Requests on Dashboard;
  • Attachment icon was displayed in chat widget and in agents interface on chat page even if attachments were switched off in administration area;
  • Fixed UI defect with long version's title in agents interface;
  • The list of voted users couldn't be expanded under Options - Statistics on article page in agents interface if users voted anonymously;
  • Mobile UI: fixed issue in the list of chat reports in agents interface;
  • Agents couldn't change expiration date of announcements to Never.
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