6.7 Version

New Features

  • New integration with Azure DevOps.


  • Home Screen: added Kanban widget to the home screen;
  • User Interface: added Show All element if there are more than 10 replies in a topic thread;
  • Short Name: email address used as a user name is displayed only with the username in the frontend.

Bug Fixes

  • Analytics: the "Completed" metric showed incorrect results if a certain agent's team was selected in the report's filter;
  • Users: fixed issue when a user was suggested to be deleted when marking them as trusted via mass edit option in the list;
  • Analytics: fixed issue when an agent could select the current date in the business hours report;
  • CSAT: the survey was sent by a trigger for merged requests;
  • Chatbot: fixed issue with chats that couldn't be created via Telegram;
  • Live Chat: additional options on a chat message didn't work in the agent interface when an agent scroll up the conversation;
  • Search: fixed issue with search in the agent interface that didn't work if an agent pasted a query with "" special characters;
  • Link: fixed issue with linking topics of the forums agents don't have access to;
  • Trigger: fixed issue with a rule which didn't unassign a conversation on Incoming Message event;
  • Users: fixed issue when a user was asked to be deleted when clicking Mark As Trusted option in the users' list;
  • Knowledge Base: fixed issue when agents without Manage Knowledge Base permission got a direct link to an article in the agent interface;
  • Reports: an agent without Manage Reports permission couldn't delete his own reports from the Options.
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