6.5 Version

New Features

  • Canned Responses: ability to add canned response right from comment or chat message;
  • Knowledge Base: added extra filters to filter by Author, Created and Updated dates;
  • Telegram: added option to send images with caption;
  • Tickets: added CC option right on the reply form.


  • Canned Responses: rebuild add/edit form of canned response;
  • Telegram: now you can edit messages in agent interface when request is from Telegram;
  • Replies: now all formatting options appear only on mouse over in agent interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Mentions: fixed issue with copy/paste of comment with mentions;
  • Recent Activity: fixed filters;
  • Sharing: facebook share button didn't work correctly on topics page;
  • Forwarding: fixed issue with forwarding ticket to yourself;
  • Links in Knowledge Base: adding link to open messengers didn't work correctly;
  • Announcements: couldn't archive announcement.

15+ minor bug fixes.

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