6.3 Version


  • Tickets Search: added predictive search in Agent interface;
  • Users Search: now you can get results by emails that don't have accounts;
  • Macros: now macros can be used in live chats;
  • Web Push: added setting to unsubscribe and resubscribe for web push notifications in browser.

Bug Fixes:

  • Search: fixed search results when there was umlaut character in the request;
  • Business Hours: fixed issues with calculations in agents statistics;
  • Chat: when first message was sent as image, team couldn't be assigned to live chat;
  • Analytics: fixed issues with exporting data to CSV or Excel file;
  • Kanban Board: cards where you are responsible in tasks of the ticket were not shown on board;
  • Activity Log: fixed issues with filters on activity log page;
  • Email into Ticket: sometimes emails got into SPAM when there were not verified forwarders in the chain.

Security Fixes:

  • High Severity Vulnerabilities: fixed 3 serious issues of potential problems with getting user account data;
  • Low Severity Vulnerabilities: several small fixes in showing users IP address, browser version and country.
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