6.5.5 Version


  • Teams & User Profile: improved teams and users metrics on profile page + added filter;
  • Chat Widget: added delivery status;
  • Chat Widget: tweaked styling of CSAT in widget;
  • Reports: added option to mark bold all not seen replies from customers;
  • Logging: added separate app with ability to switch off not required logs;
  • Chatbots: added option to relaunch chatbot scenarios without completing the previous one;
  • Live Chat: now forms can be submitted by pressing Enter;
  • Performance: improved general performance of the system;
  • Now you can create tickets from chat messages.

Bug Fixes

  • Live Chat: fixed issue with links preview;
  • Gamification: fixed more than 4 issues with changing labels, awards and calculation of points for users;
  • Messengers: fixed issue with sending canned responses in Viber, Telegram;
  • Polls: fixed issue with forums visibility and assigning polls to only visible topics;
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