6.5.7 Version


  • Performance: improved community page;
  • User Profile: improved performance and loading metrics;
  • Agent UI: removed not required statistics + when going to inbox, first request is opened by default;
  • Live Chat: added copy message and reply options to messages;
  • Mobile UI: now images as attachments are opened on the same page;
  • Viber: added option to set triggers and chatbots to launch "on click" event.

Bug Fixes

  • Live Chat Widget: added minor fixes in UI;
  • Reports: fixed issues with counters of unread messages and spam emails;
  • Reports: fixed issue with choosing CSAT as condition;
  • Reports: there was issue with post load of requests when new ticket got into report;
  • User Profile: fixed CSAT metric that was used with date/time filter.
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