6.6.0 Version

New Features

  • Email digest: now users can subscribe to the forum's updates and get daily emails on them.

Bug Fixes

  • Categories: they were visible in the admin interface even if the feedback types were disabled;
  • SSO: fixed issue when private user fields couldn't be mapped with UseResponse user accounts;
  • Live Chat: user could send an image in the locked chat;
  • Announcements: after adding, editing, or deleting the announcement, the blank page appeared;
  • SSO: fixed issues when logging via LDAP and OAuth;
  • Salesforce: fixed issue with the failed integration;
  • Macros: fixed the issue with the app activation;
  • Forum Categories: fixed the issue when all categories of all forums were displayed on a new topic form in the agent interface;
  • Merge: fixed the issue when the form for merging topics was submitted by pressing Enter;
  • Permissions: agent without Manage Announcements permissions could edit them;
  • Reports: fixed issue with the filter not working by clicking the value in the column;
  • Reports: values of custom date fields were not displayed at the right when performing bulk actions with requests and users.
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