6.6.1 Version

New Features

  • Community Updates: added a new setting allowing visitors to check all the forum updates since their last visit.


  • Email Digest: added announcements in the list of updates;
  • Live Chat: added an icon to see all attachments in a chat conversation.

Bug Fixes

  • Multi-Step Form: with the app enabled, the form was empty if there were no public fields of select type;
  • Reports: fixed UI issue with selecting a request with mass-edit option and deleting it from the list;
  • User Notes: fixed issue when there was no ability to delete the reminder date and time;
  • Articles Visibility: private articles shared with the certain user's team were not visible for such users;
  • Triggers: fixed issue when the trigger to lock replies reopened a request;
  • Live Chat: fixed issue when the "Restore" icon was displayed for internal notes in a chat;
  • Internal Notes: fixed issue with attaching files while editing an internal note;
  • Support Channels: fixed issue with adding Twitter, Play and App Stores as support channels in the administration area;
  • Tasks: fixed issue when a task cannot be expanded after its editing;
  • UI: fixed UI defect when pressing Enter in an empty Forward form on the ticket page;
  • Reports: fixed issue while editing a report in chat view;
  • Mobile UI: fixed issue when the agent didn't see in the mobile interface who joined a chat;
  • Live Chat: fixed UI defect when sending a link in a chat;
  • Chatbot: fixed issue while testing a scenario in the administration area.
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