6.0.1 Version

New Features

  • Chatbot: build scenarios and launch chatbot in both chat widget and messengers (Enterprise package);
  • Join Chat: added option for agents to join chat and set responsible automatically; 
  • Teams: combined groups, companies and roles into agents and users teams;
  • Users Segmentation: create lists of users by different parameters;
  • WhatsApp Business Integration;
  • Administration area: redesigned and combined settings into separate Applications;
  • HubSpot Integration: tickets from UseResponse can be displayed as notes on the company page.


  • Business Hours: extended statistics on the agents' availability;
  • Notification Center: added a filter parameter to group all notifications related to completed requests;
  • Automation: added "Object is updated" event to track any field updates;
  • Automation: added custom fields of the select type to conditions for Comment is Created event;
  • CSAT: added column on reports, data on agents profile and teams pages; 
  • Analytics: added Object:Source to the conditions; 
  • Analytics: improved calculations for performance metrics;
  • Performance: improved reports and analytics area;
  • Providing support using Skype is deprecated.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Load More option on Email Conflicts page;
  • Fix with merging tickets;
  • Fixed calculation of agent's availability when the administrator set holidays in Analytics;
  • Mailing Log in chat didn't work correctly;
  • Custom fields were displayed in Change Log when ticket is created;
  • Added default grouping by Category on Articles and FAQs pages;
  • Replies remained locked after the comment was created or chat message was sent;
  • Fixed issue with comments disappearing at the left bar when administrator approved another comment;
  • Fixed issue with filtering by Responsible in reports;
  • Customer search with umlauts didn't work when creating ticket; 
  • Fixed the work of filters and date display in Statistics of objects.
  • Attachments in canned responses were not sent in chats;
  • Load More option didn't work on the main community page;
  • Fixed the issue with mass edit of objects on user page; 
  • Triggers didn't work to send chat message when Scheduled event was set;
  • Triggers didn't work to notify agents when new article created;
  • Fixed issue with filtering by Responsible in agents interface;
  • Source of chat created in Mobile App was incorrect;
  • Fixed issue with date display in Activity Log;
  • Fixed validation ID error when agent links a ticket to Jira;
  • Fixed UI defect of attachments in Knowledge Base articles.

+ 15 more minor bug fixes and improvements.

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